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PREP powder production unit for additive manufacturing

Technical features of PREP unit:
● Modern drive allows rotation of the sprayed feedstock at a speed of 40,000 rpm enabling a larger yield of fine powders for AM;
● Advanced system for cleaning and cooling the gas;
● Advanced plasmatron with improved power source for increased efficiency, stability and productivity of the working process, and higher quality of produced powders;
● Digital control system to modify production parameters per user’s specific needs.

PREP powder production unit for additive manufacturing

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PREP powder production unit for additive manufacturing



Centrifugal spraying of feedstocks melted by a plasma torch in an inert gas environment

Feedstock material

Ti alloys, Ni based superalloys, intermetallic compounds

Size of feedstock:

- diameter

55±1 mm

- length

700 mm

- straightness

0.05 mm

- roundness

0.025 mm

- cylindricity

0.025 mm

- Feedstock surface roughness along the generatrix

< Ra0.8

- Feedstock’s end roughness

< Ra1.6

Rotation frequency of the feedstock

40000 r/min ± 5 %

Drum rotation drive


Inner diameter of atomizing chamber

2670 mm


Not less 3 feedstocks per hour

Operating Environment

Helium – Argon (9:1)

Plasma melting system - type:

Independent heat source – plasmatron

Electrical equipment:

- voltage

380 V

- frequency

50 Hz

- power

300 kW

Plasmatron rated power

120 (Max 140) kW

Arc current

800….1600 А

Vacuum system:

5*10-5 pumping time 40 min

Number of loaded feedstocks

Max 100 units

Cooling system

Modular closed "water-water"

Gas system - inert gas (mixture)

Combined special system. Modular.

PREP advantages vs Gas Atomizing:

  • Greater sphericity
  • Satellites-free
  • No gas porosity
  • Better flowability
  • 100 times less inert gas consumption
  • Bigger portion of fraction for additive manufacturing:
  • Titanium alloys:
  • Fraction size -80+63 – 43%
  • Fraction size -63+40 μm – 37%
  • Nickel Alloys:
  • Less than 63 μm - 90%

Ti-6Al-4V Alloy atomized by PREP:

Operation process