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Powder Regeneration System for 3D Printing

The unit is designed for thermal vacuum degassing of powder by removal of the physically adsorbed moisture and gases.

Powder Regeneration System for 3D Printing

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Powder Regeneration System for 3D Printing

Power supply parameters

Voltage, V


Frequency Hz


Power, kW

Less than 25


Total height without hoppers, mm


Total width and length, mm


Automatic control system features provides:

  • control of the heating temperature of the powder during degassing with the recording of parameters in an electronic archive;
  • control of the mass of the hopper and the degree of filling of capsules with powder;
  • control of emissions from the outgassed powder;
  • control of all units of the system from the operator’s control panel.

Used powder before regeneration

  • The powder is flowing through the Hall funnel.
  • Powder before regeneration. Sticking to the walls of the funnel.

Used powder after regeneration

  • Used powder after regeneration
  • After regeneration. No powder sticking.

Operation process

Today, during the manufacturing of parts on the 3D printers, the losses of powders are up to 50%. During handling and storage powders can be covered with the molecules of moisture from the environment (air). Re-use of this powder without regeneration can lead to the gradual oxygen pick up and loss of mechanical properties in printed metal parts.