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Magnetic separation and sieving unit.

The system is designed for sieving powder into fractions and cleaning it from metal inclusions using magnetic separation

Magnetic separation and sieving unit.

Information request

Magnetic separation and sieving unit.

Productivity of the system

from 50(min) to 200(max) kg / hour.

Ultrasonic Sieve Cleaning System

The ultrasonic sieve amplifier creates additional ultrasonic vibration on the surface of the sieve, which prevents clogging of the nets with powder, and also extends the life of the sieve. The Ultrasonic Sieve Cleaning System efficiency allows highly efficient sieving of powders of 20-200 μm.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Sieve Cleaning System:

  • Increased productivity;
  • Increased sieve life due to the absence of a large mass of material on the surface;
  • Effective sieving powders 20-200 μm;
  • Longer sieve life due to the absence of a large mass of material on the surface and of the contact cleaning vibrating elements (balls, etc).

Powder materials

  • Ti alloys
  • Ni based superalloys

Powder particle size

20-200 μm

Pressure Control Features

  • P vacuum up to 5х10-3 mm Hg
  • P operation 0,1 – 0,4 atm


50-200 kg per hour

Electrical equipment:

- voltage

380 V

- frequency

50 Hz

- power

Less than 25 kW


Total height without hopper

5500 mm

Total width and length

5300х5300 mm

Operation process

The vibrating sieve is placed in a vacuum tight chamber. The operation of the system is performed in an inert gas overpressure environment.