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Equipment (Metal powder manufacturing and handling)

ARKON - official distributor production equipment and metal processing powders and finished products


Powder Regeneration System for 3D Printing

The unit is designed for thermal vacuum degassing of powder by removal of the physically adsorbed moisture and gases.


- heating and degassing of powder in vacuum;
- filling degassed powder into sealed containers (hopper, capsule) in vacuum.
- productivity is up to 30 kg per hour for titanium alloys and up to 50 kg for Ni based alloys.


PREP powder production unit for additive manufacturing

Technical features of PREP unit:
● Modern drive allows rotation of the sprayed feedstock at a speed of 40,000 rpm enabling a larger yield of fine powders for AM;
● Advanced system for cleaning and cooling the gas;
● Advanced plasmatron with improved power source for increased efficiency, stability and productivity of the working process, and higher quality of produced powders;
● Digital control system to modify production parameters per user’s specific needs.


Designed to produce metal powders of titanium and nickel alloys by centrifugal spraying of feedstocks melted by a plasma torch in an inert gas environment.


Magnetic separation and sieving unit.

The system is designed for sieving powder into fractions and cleaning it from metal inclusions using magnetic separation


The system is based on a vibrating sieve


Electrostatic powder separation unit

The system is based on a vacuum-tight chamber consisting of three working modules. There are precipitation electrodes (drums), corona electrodes and brushes in each module.The system operates in an inert gas overpressure environment.


Electrostatic Separation is carried out in an inert gas (argon, helium or a mixture of gases).