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Fill a request and order 3D printed house

Our managers will contact you soon and help to proceed your request

Fill a request and order 3D printer ARKON

Our managers will contact you soon and help to proceed your request

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Our managers will contact you soon and help to proceed your request

3D building printer

We have developed a construction 3D printer Arkon and ready to offer a turnkey solution for the construction of low-rise buildings

We are inviting investors to participate in ours project. Construction 3D printing market is taking off right now. And we’re going to be among its leaders. Don’t be late – join the USD 40+ Bln industry.


  • worldwide implementation of construction 3D printing technologies for developers and construction companies
  • the possibility of buying a 3D printer ARKON
  • the opportunity to purchase a franchise and become an operator of 3D printing technology

To consumers

  • 3D printer Arkon
  • Low-rise construction
  • Concrete products

Review range of products

3D printer Arkon 2.0

Print area

14х9х7,5 m

Printing material

Concrete, sand concrete, architectural composites



Design advantage

Modularity - allows you to change the print area for a specific object Rail alignment system, allows to install on uneven ground

Type of fastening

Concrete blocks, screw piles, installation on a foundation

Printhead idle speed

30 m/min

Speed of movement of the printhead when printing

1-10 m/min (variable)

Layer parameters

50 х 20 mm

Feed volume

30 liters/min


15000 kg

Power consumption

40 kWh

The ARKON project is aimed to create a vertically integrated technology for construction low-rise buildings using 3D printing, providing all the expected benefits of 3DCP

  • Reduced wages (60%)
  • No formwork needed
  • Reduced waste (50%) and lower CO2 emission
  • Printing entire house on-site
  • House ready in 3 days
  • Automated process
  • Fully digital production
  • Free geometry
  • Automation
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The construction printing technology developed by ARKON will answer a number of global challenges of both developed and developing regions, providing the world market with affordable, mobile, fast and flexible, automated housing construction technology.

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