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3D building printer

We have developed a construction 3D printer Arkon

Skolkovo IC member status since December 2020

To distributors

Distribution of 3D printer in various regions of the Russian Federation

To consumers

- 3D printer Arkon
- Low-rise construction
- Concrete products


Print area


Print material

Sand concrete


Gantry, modular


Allows you to expand the print area to the size of the foundation



Power consumption



380/220 volts

Idle speed

20m / min

Print Speed

1-10 m / min (variable)

Feed volume

Max. 30 l / min

Compressive strength

from 45.9 to 69.2 MPa, which corresponds to the actual classes from B35 to B53

The ARKON project is a project aimed at creating a vertically integrated technology for building low-rise buildings using 3D printing, providing all the expected benefits of 3DCP: cheaper construction costs, freedom of architectural forms, high construction speed, environmental friendliness and reduced waste, production without equipment.

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The construction printing technology developed by ARKON will answer a number of global challenges of both developed and developing regions, providing the world market with affordable, mobile, fast and flexible, automated housing construction technology.

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