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Arkon Ltd.

ARKON - an expert
industrial additive
technologies expert

Industrial 3D printers
PREP powder production
Contract Manufacture
Industrial Design


3D printing services

Selection of the optimal technology and materials for 3D printing for customer requirements.
Plastics, metals, ceramics, wax, sand, etc.

DED, SLM, SLA, SLS, BJ, MJP, FDM, 3DCP and other

3D Building

Concrete building printer of our proprietary
design. Printing low-rise houses, small
architectural forms, engineering objects.
Development and implementation of
turnkey projects.

Powder Regeneration
System for 3D Printing

The unit is designed for thermal
vacuum degassing of powder by
removal of the physically
adsorbed moisture and gases.

PREP metal powder production unit for industrial 3D printers

Metal powders production by centrifugal spraying of feedstocks melted by a plasma heater in an inert gas environment.

Electrostatic powder separation unit

The powder separation unit is designed for highly efficient removal of non-metallic inclusions (ceramics, oxides, slag, etc.) from the metal powders.

3D printing complex on the moon

LLC Arkon is developing additive technology for the construction of objects of the planetary infrastructure of the moon using lunar regolith.

3D printing in the production of decorative elements

Сomplex approach


3D Building

House design

Construction 3D printing

Cottage design

3D Printing Services

PREP Installation Model

3D Printing Services

Polyamide sculpture

3D Printing Services

Polyamide sculpture

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